We have observed that majority of students in C.A. and Gifted 30 projects are from North Gujarat. Students from Surat and Bharuch Districts find it difficult to compete students from North Gujarat. We found that poor primary level education in South Gujarat is the main cause which prevents students from competing others.

In order to see that more students from Surat and Bharuch make it to Gifted 30 and C.A programe PMET has started Primary Talent Search Program “PTSP” for the students 8th Grades. The students who secure 80% or more marks in their last exam are invited to take the Talent Search Exam. Selected students are enrolled in MMP school and provided accommodation at PMET hostel.

From June 2017, like GIFTED30 and CA PROJECTS, PMET has started PTSP as HOSTEL BASED PROGRAM and have adopted 12 boys students to provide them free lodging, boarding and best aggressive coaching to catch the talented young. so that we may get-good enrollment for GIFTED30 from PTSP scheme. As we do not have hostel facilities for girls we could not adopt girls under this scheme. However, we are planning to adopt girls from next year.